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About Stewart Dairy Farm

We are a small family dairy focusing on great tasting raw milk from our Brown Swiss cows straight to our customers all across Oklahoma. Please call 405-397-3412 to get on our customer list.

Our History
I found a story my grandmother Dorothy Hawkins wrote about how Thom a Hawk Farm came to be. She said in the beginning around 1950, her parents, Mike and Edith Thomson decided to buy a few registered Brown Swiss. They made a trip to Illinois and Wisconsin and selected ten head from various dairies. Mike Thomson worked for Santa Fe Railroad so Edith did all the farming and ran the dairy. She really worked hard lifting 100 pound cans of milk into the water cooler to cool down the milk in those days. (On a personal note, now I understand why I couldn't beat my great grandmother at arm wrestling until I was 17). After graduating from high school Dorothy Thomson married Louis Hawkins and they became partners in a Brown Swiss dairy with Mike and Edith. They took the first part of their names and combined them to form Thom a Hawk Farm. My grandmother goes on to say that they were partners until 1976, when Louis and Dorothy bought her dad and mom's half of the dairy but continued the dairy as Thom a Hawk Farm. 
Working together, they began showing their cattle at the Canton District state and National shows. They got acquainted with a lot of other breeders. To them, it seemed like a big family reunion when they all got to the shows. 
Thom a Hawk farm has shipped cattle to Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Texas, California, and several other states. The Thom a Hawk name became very well-known in the Brown Swiss industry. Sadly, when things were looking so good for the farm Louis was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and passed away in 1978. Dorothy had to sell all the milking dairy cows but kept the heifers. Chris and Doug, Dorothy and Louis' children, together with Dorothy, started the dairy up again. 
Then at a show in Tulsa, Oklahoma Chris met Randy Stewart. They married in 1981. In 1981, they bought Dorothy out of the dairy business and are now operating the dairy. Chris and Randy had a son in 1982. Dusty began showing in high school at the local, state, and national levels. Through this effort and the continued growth of the dairy Dusty was selected as the Oklahoma state star farmer for the year of 2000. Meaning out of 7000 FFA members that entered the contest he was selected as the top one. Dusty and his wife Rhonda have now taken the dairy in another direction offering milk wholesale to the public. They are now working to build the genetics and the bloodlines to raise top-quality Brown Swiss cattle again. Through four generations, the Thom a Hawk tradition has always carried on and we hope that it always will. Although we are called Stewart Dairy Farm we will always stay true to the Thom a Hawk heritage. -Dusty
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