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About Stewart Dairy Farm
  Nestled in the valley of North Walnut Creek,  the Stewart Dairy Farm, established in 1946, is a five generation family farm where Randy, Chris, Dusty and Colt Stewart take great care in tending and managing their herd of registered Brown Swiss Cattle.
  The herd is pastured on grass throughout the year and supplimented with premium quality alfalfa and prairie grass hay.  The cows are healthy and content;  their  milk is sweet, rich, creamy; and they are anti-biotic and growth homone free.

  Healthy cows + good nutrition = healthy milk= healthy people 
  Stewart Dairy Farm, originally known as Thom-A-Hawk Farms, was established in 1946

  At Stewart Dairy Farm five generations of our family have continued the Thom-A-Hawk Farms tradition of breeding top quality Brown Swiss Dairy Cattle and providing clean, nutritious  milk from our dairy. Through many years of breeding and raising our own cattle, we have taken great pride in the quality of our herd. We have exhibited our cattle at State, Regional and National levels, including the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI. Our cows have won Grand Champion Female at the Oklahoma and Tulsa State Fairs; and have placed first at several National shows. Our farm has been honored by being named Premier Breeder and Exhibitor at the State and Regional Levels. One of our cows was nominated all-American, and another was named reserve all-American heifer.

  Not only do we breed our cows for top quality conformation and dairy type; we also strive for optimum milk production.  Our herd has won production awards in District Eight of the National Brown Swiss Association.  We drink the raw milk from our own cows and therefore production of the highest quality, best tasting  milk is a family priority.

  We no longer exhibit our cows at shows; however, we still take great pride in the superior genetics of our animals. As we down-sized the herd over the years, we retained the best bloodlines, and are now looking forward to growing and rebuilding our herd from this solid foundation stock.  

  Our herd is pastured on grass year round. During the winter months our cows receive native grass hay that we raise and harvest ourselves. We do not use chemical weed prevention or commercial fertilizers on the pasture that produces this hay. We also feed our cows premium quality all natural chaffhaye,  (alfalfa that is fermented with yeast and molasses) for optimum nutritional value. We are currently in the process of amending our feeding program. While most dairies feed large amounts of grain to their cattle, we are greatly reducing the use of grain in our dairy herd. The natural way we have chosen to feed our cattle keeps them healthy and content. Their milk is sweet, rich and creamy; and anti-biotic and growth hormone free. Our grass and alfalfa based feeding program has enabled our herd to produce milk with 4.3% butterfat and 3.54% protein content. Our goal is to produce  milk in its most nutritious and natural form: the way it should be.  

   We pay close attention to our facilities to ensure that we maintain a safe and sanitary milking operation. We are looking forward to the future at Stewart Dairy Farm. As we take another step forward in the production of quality, great tasting milk, we remember what brought us to this point:

 God’s Grace, and a loving, hard working family.

We hold fast to the Thom-A-Hawk tradition here at Stewart Dairy Farm